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DuPont scientists have been improving plants through biotechnology for many years. These scientists regularly share their expertise through articles such as those listed below.

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Abstr Pap Amer Chem Soc. 1997;213: 510
Adamsons, K.
"Portable Spectral Interpreters for Field Applications - Rapid Spectral Assignments of Molecular Functionality or System Composition"

Abstr Pap Amer Chem Soc. 1999;217: 61
Antelmann, B., M. H. Chisholm, J. C. Huffman, S. S. Iyer, D. Navarro and W. Simonsick
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"Dedicated Robotics for Plant Biotechnology Sample Preparation - A Case-Study"

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"Using Arabidopsis to Study Lead Accumulation and Tolerance in Plants"

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Chumley, F. G.
"Control of Plant-Disease by Inhibition of Melanin Biosynthesis"

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Koeppe, M. K., C. D. Cotterman and A. C. Barefoot
"Basis of Selectivity of the Herbicide Flupyrsulfuron in Wheat"

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"Altering Starch Structure and Functionality by Manipulating Expression of Starch Biosynthetic-Enzymes"

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"Assessment of Effects on Nontarget Plants from New- Generation Herbicides"

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Timmerman, K. P.
"Corn Glutathione S-Transferases - The Genes and Their Expression"

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"Generation of Radioactive Lenacil Metabolites from Excised Sugar-Beet Plant"

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Chen, J., J. W. Huang, T. Caspar and S. D. Cunningham
"Arabidopsis-Thaliana as a Model System for Studying Lead Accumulation and Tolerance in Plants"

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"Current status of transformation in bread and durum wheats and modifications of gluten quality"

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Shen, J., J. Deng, L. Fan and Y. Zhang
"A Preliminary Study on Marking Blue Grain Character on Tai-Gu Dominant Male Sterile Wheat"

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Shen, J. and Y. Zhang
"Studies on the Conversion and Application of Cytoplasmic Male Sterility Cms in Maize"

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Song, W., Z. Chen and Y. Zhang
"Inheritance of Aroma in Autotetraploid and Diploid Rices"

Acta Agronomica Sinica. 1989;15(4): 362-368
Sun, L., S. Zheng, Q. Gao and Y. Zhang
"Studies on the Effect of Black Point of Wheat Seed on Germination and the Identification of Its Pathogens"

Acta Agronomica Sinica. 1989;15(3): 213-220
Zhang, Y., J. Gai and Y. Ma
"Inheritance of Resistance to Two Local Soybean Mosaic Virus Strains S-a and S-C in Soybeans"

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Rafalski, A. J., J. Barciszewski, K. Gulewicz, T. Twardowski and G. Keith
"Nucleotide Sequence of Phenyl Alanine Transfer Rna from the Seeds of Lupine Lupinus-Luteus Comparison of the Major Species with Wheat Germ Phenyl Alanine Transfer Rna"

Acta Biochimica Polonica. 1998;45(4): 929-934
Rafalski, J. A., M. Hanafey, G. H. Miao, A. Ching, J. M. Lee, M. Dolan and S. Tingey
"New experimental and computational approaches to the analysis of gene expression"

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Sassoon, J., S. Horer, J. Stoop, H. Mooibroek and U. Baumann
"Crystallization and preliminary crystallographic analysis of mannitol dehydrogenase (MtDH) from the common mushroom Agaricus bisporus"

Acta Genetica Sinica. 1991;18(4): 332-338
Li, S. and Y. Zhang
"Chromosome Variations of the Calli and Regenerated Plants in Common Wheat"

Acta Genetica Sinica. 1990;17(5): 365-368
Li, S. and Y. Zhang
"Sister Chromatid Exchanges in Wheat Callus Cells"

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Wu, Y., C. Zhang and Y. Zhang
"Comparative Studies of Esterase Isozymes among Triticum Secale and Triticale"

Acta Genetica Sinica. 1988;15(4): 260-264
Zhang, Y., D. Li and W. Pan
"Study on Wheat Pollen Plant Progenies Producing Aneuploids"

Acta Genetica Sinica. 1988;15(3): 174-180
Zhang, Y., Z. Wang and Q. Guo
"Some Characteristics of the Albino Pollen Plantlets of Rice and Investigation About Its Cause of Formation"

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He, P. and Y. Zhang
"Studies on Improving Embryo Development and Germination of Early-Ripening Grapes"

Acta Horticulturae Sinica. 1989;16(4): 261-266
Li, W., Y. Zhang, G. Liu and S. He
"A Comparison of the Peroxidase Isozyme of Dwarf and Semi-Dwarf Rootstocks of Citrus"

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Xu, X., Y. Zhang and T. S. Hu
"Studies on the Fate of Nitrogen in Wheat Stubble Applied on Soil Surface and Incorporated with Soil"

Acta Pharmaceutica Sinica. 1993;28(1): 28-31
Jia, S. S., D. Liu, X. P. Zheng, Y. Zhang and Y. K. Li
"Two new isoprenyl flavonoids from the leaves of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch"

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Zhang, Y. H., J. X. Fang and Y. Zhang
"Changes of Ethylene Production and Cellulase Activity During Senescence of Detached Garlic Scape"

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Smith, J. S. C. and O. S. Smith
"Fingerprinting Crop Varieties"

Agron J. 1999;91(6): 940-946
Dwyer, L. M., D. W. Stewart, L. Carrigan, B. L. Ma, P. Neave and D. Balchin
"A General Thermal Index for Maize"

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"Fertilizer and Soil-Nitrogen Use by Corn and Border Crops in a Strip Intercropping System"

Agron J. 1999;91(5): 834-839
Lauer, J. G., P. R. Carter, T. M. Wood, G. Diezel, D. W. Wiersma, R. E. Rand and M. J. Mlynarek
"Corn Hybrid Response to Planting Date in the Northern Corn- Belt"

Agron J. 2000;92(4): 672-678
Rasse, D. P., J. T. Ritchie, W. W. Wilhelm, J. Wei and E. C. Martin
"Simulating Inbred-Maize Yields with Ceres-Im"

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Smith, M. A., P. R. Carter and A. A. Imholte
"Conventional vs No-Till Corn Following Alfalfa Grass - Timing of Vegetation Kill"

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"Genetically modified crops and the environment"

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"Mesocotyl Root Formation in Echinochloa-Phyllopogon Poaceae in Relation to Root Zone Aeration"

American Journal of Botany. 1992;79(7): 761-764
Songstad, D. D., W. L. Petersen and C. L. Armstrong
"Establishment of Friable Embryogenic Type Ii Callus from Immature Tassels of Zea-Mays Poaceae"

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"Relationship between Inbreeding Coefficient and Clonal Selection in a Potato Cultivar Development Program"

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"Integrated square-wave electrochemical detection of biogenic amines in soybean seeds following their separations by liquid chromatography"

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"Two Strands of DNA Are Not Equivalent as Probes in Hybridizations at Low Stringency"

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Animal Feed Science and Technology. 1995;54(1-4): 287-299
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"Comparison of in situ degradation kinetics of lucerne germplasm by ANOVA of non-linear models"

Ann Bot. 2000;85(SA): 133-139
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"Molecular-Genetics of Self-Incompatibility in Brassica- Napus"

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Howard, R. J. and B. Valent
"Breaking and Entering - Host Penetration by the Fungal Rice Blast Pathogen Magnaporthe-Grisea"

Appl Entomol Zool. 1999;34(1): 139-146
Ignoffo, C. M., A. H. McIntosh and J. F. H. Wong
"Comparison of in-Vivo Activity of Virus from a Deleted Polyhedrin-Gene Strain of a Single-Nucleocapsid Baculovirus and a Multiple-Nucleocapsid Baculovirus"

Appl Environ Microbiol. 1995;61(11): 4124-4127
Vandyk, T. K., D. R. Smulski, T. R. Reed, S. Belkin, A. C. Vollmer and R. A. Larossa
"Responses to Toxicants of an Escherichia-Coli Strain Carrying a Uspa'--Lux Genetic Fusion and an Escherichia- Coli Strain Carrying a Grpe'--Lux Fusion Are Similar"

Appl Microbiol Biotechnol. 1996;46(1): 46-54
Gellissen, G., M. Piontek, U. Dahlems, V. Jenzelewski, J. E. Gavagan, R. Dicosimo, D. L. Anton and Z. A. Janowicz
"Recombinant Hansenula-Polymorpha as a Biocatalyst - Coexpression of the Spinach Glycolate Oxidase (Go) and the Saccharomyces-Cerevisiae Catalase-T (Ctt1) Gene"

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"Conformation and antimicrobial activity of linear derivatives of tachyplesin lacking disulfide bonds"

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Biotechnol Bioeng. 1996;50(3): 341-346
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