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Excellence Through Stewardship®

Excellence Through Stewardship® (ETS)

STEWARDSHIP is the responsible management of a product from its inception through to its ultimate end and discontinuation. In agricultural biotechnology, stewardship includes careful attention to the safety of products and their market impact - all of which is essential to ensuring high value products in any industry.

Excellence Through Stewardship® is the first biotechnology industry-coordinated initiative to provide stewardship and quality management programs for the full product life cycle of biotech plants. The program is intended to promote the responsible use of agricultural biotechnology, the continued global adoption of plant biotechnology, and the enhanced value of biotech-derived plant products in the marketplace.

Strengthening Global Confidence

DuPont’s ability to deliver the powerful new products depends on the freedom to commercialize inventions. In reality, this freedom to commercialize is conferred by regulators around the world, and is influenced by multiple stakeholders in the food and feed value chain. ETS will raise the confidence level of regulators, our customers and stakeholders. With this assurance, they, in turn, can better ensure the confidence of global consumers – that they will receive safe, affordable and healthy food – as well as fuel and materials – from agriculture."

Building on High-Quality Guidelines

This stewardship program builds on the Biotechnology Industry Organization’s (BIO) efforts to promote consistently high-quality guidelines across the agricultural biotechnology industry for product stewardship and quality management. While many organizations already have stewardship and quality management programs in place, ETS provides industry guidelines for the adoption of stewardship objectives, principles and management practices as well as third-party audits.


The Excellence Through Stewardship program comprises three major components

  1. Stewardship objectives, principles and management practices
  2. Guides to understanding and implementing stewardship and quality management systems and processes
  3. Stewardship audit program