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DuPont™ Xavan™ 301 technical property


Process Average
Areal Density
EN ISO 9864
Thickness EN ISO 9863-1 0.55 mm
Tensile Strength 

EN ISO 10319

10.2 kN/m
Extend Rate EN ISO 10319 55 %
Tear Strength ASTM D4533-91 18.5 kg
Burst Strength ASTM D4833 (8 mm)
EN ISO 12236 (50 mm)
300 N

1680 N

Cone Penetration EN ISO 918 19 mm
Water Tightness En ISO 20811 >900 cm
低温柔度 EN 495-5 -40° C
UV Exposure EN 1297-1  

1. The materials is thermal welded( or bonded by Butyl Tape which supplied by DuPont.

2. According to the measurement results of the new sample and the sample exposure to UV for 4000 hours.

There is no harmful effects to fish in ponds through field tests in different large ponds in different regions.