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DuPont™ Xavan™ Pondliner
 -New professional Pondliner
 -Based on Xavan

  • Resistant
  • Reinforced
  • Flexible
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Lighter than classical product
  • Quick installation(Thermal welding)


Xavan™ Liner can be joined very easily by taping with DuPont™ Xavan™ tape, a double sided adhesive tape.

This type of adhesive has been chosen because of its excellent adhesion and compatibility with our products.

Care should be taken to prepare the liner surfaces before they are taped by cleaning and degreasing them. This also applies to concrete and other surfaces.

Double-sided adhesive tape

Width: 5 cm, Length: 10 m

This tape is used for:

·         Taping liner to liner

·         Joining liner to concrete

·         Joining liner on a general horizontal support



Xavan Liner can be thermally welded, which is the preferred joining technique; the information given below is based on the use of Leister welding technology, but does not restrict the weldability by other technologies. Other methods can also be used provided preliminary trials have been performed to determine the conditions of welding that provide the best joint and the highest seam strength.


Leister TWINNY S hot wedge welding machine

The following conditions give the optimal seam strength and adhesion for joining Xavan™ Liner with this machine:

·         Pressure of 300 N

·         Temperature of 390° C

·         A speed of 2.5m/mn

If a different speed is used then the other conditions have to be changed accordingly. An additional set point for Pfaff hot wedge welding machine for an optimal seam is given for reference:

·         Pressure of 300 N

·         Temperature of 260 - 270°C

·         A speed of 1.6m/mn