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Maria Spinu, Phd, LEED® AP

Maria received a Masters Degree in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. Degree in Polymer Science and Engineering from Virginia Tech.  She joined DuPont Central Research & Development (CR&D) in Wilmington, Delaware in 1990 as a Research Chemist.  In 1995 she became Research Manager in CR&D, and in 2000 she joined DuPont Building Innovations where she currently leads Building Science and Sustainability initiatives. 

Maria is a member of the 90.1 ASHRAE Committee and Envelope subcommittee, BEC (Building Envelope Council), AIA/BEC, CSI, ABAA (Air Barrier Association of America) Technical, Education and Whole Building Airtightness Committees, and other professional and trade organizations.   She has published many papers in peer reviewed journals and trade organizations, is the author of 15 patents and has been an invited speaker at many regional, national and international conferences on building science and sustainability topics.