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Tyvek® House Wrap Specialists for DuPont Canada


The DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist Network is an elite team of highly trained field representatives. These Specialists participate in a two or five year certification process that includes a university-level curriculum and rigorous testing in product knowledge and building science. The DuPont™ Tyvek® House Wrap Specialist Network is unique to the industry.  The Canadian Team of Tyvek® Specialists can assist Builders, Architects, Retailers and Consumers with many aspects of both residential and commercial projects.  Canada currently has 10 Tyvek® Specialists covering the following territories:  

British Columbia   Alberta & Northwest Territories  
Manitoba & Saskatchewan   South Western Ontario  
Central Ontario   Eastern Ontario  
Quebec  Atlantic Canada  

You can use this page to find the DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialist in your area or the Specialist Locator.
You can also contact DuPont at 1-800-387-2122 or 1-800-44-TYVEK.

For a more detailed list of services provided by Tyvek® Specialist, please refer to the sections pertaining to BuildersArchitectsRetailers or Consumers.

British Columbia

Matthew D’Andrea

Territory:  British Columbia
Home Base:  Coquitlam, BC
Telephone:  (604) 346-9996

Matthew has over 10 years of experience in construction across Canada and the USA, working for manufacturing and distribution as well as retail. He has managed large territories covering 4 provinces and 4 states where he trained dealers, distributors, contractors and architects.

Matthew brings a large amount of knowledge with rain screen technologies as well as waterproofing applications. He has gained tremendous experience working in the chemical and gypsum board industries as well as the machinery industry.  Matthew takes pride in being on site from the ground up.

His education includes: Marketing Management, Broadcasting, Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute, John Deere University, Water Distribution and Waste Water Treatment, Certified Sealant Applicator. In 2010, he was the Press Assistant for the 2010 Olympics Men’s Hockey. Matthew is currently completing the DuPont Building Science Tyvek Specialist certification program.

Alberta & Northwest Territories

Specialist - Michael McCreary

Michael McCreary

Territory:  Alberta & the Territories
Home Base:  Calgary, AB
Telephone:  (403) 607-9556

Michael McCreary has over 25 years experience in both commercial and residential construction.  Working with companies including a window/door manufacturer, a lumber company and an exterior cladding supplier, he has held a variety of positions including Business Development, Marketing, Project Management and sales.  Mike also has hands-on experience as a carpenter and framer and has owned his own business focusing on residential and commercial design.  Throughout his career, Mike has been a proponent of on-going training in proper installation practices that help ensure the integrity of the building envelope and he has experience with a variety of methodologies, including the rain screen principle. 
Mike is involved with the Calgary and Edmonton homebuilder associations and attends many events of the Alberta Association of Architects.  He is also involved in his local community with the Canadian Progress Club (Bow River) which raises money for Big Brothers, Big Sisters and the Special Olympics.  Mike has attained his DuPont Building Science Certification status as a Tyvek® Specialist.

Manitoba & Saskatchewan

Specialist - Darryll Penner

 Darryll Penner

Territory:  Manitoba & Saskatchewan
Home Base:  Winnipeg
Telephone:  (204) 799-8010

Darryll has been in construction materials distribution for 12 years in various roles including 8 years in the Window and Door Industry as Business Development Manager and Sales and Marketing Manager. His experience includes managing dealer networks, product knowledge training sessions with builders, architects and engineers and developing marketing strategies at retail and wholesale level. Darryll is a member of the Manitoba Home Builders Association and has attained his DuPont Building Science Senior Certification status as a Tyvek® Specialist.

South Western Ontario

Specialist - Bruce Kelly 

Bruce Kelly

Territory:  Central and Western Ontario
Home Base:  London, ON
Telephone:  (519) 857-8745

Bruce has been involved in many aspects of the construction industry for 18 years and has extensive experience with many aspects of the business, including the retail and distribution side of the business, the lumber industry and a wide variety of building materials used in residential and commercial building.  Bruce does extensive training with builders, architects, dealers and building officials and can assist with specification writing and business planning.  Bruce is a member of the Canadian Home Builders Association, has served on the Advisory Council for Ontario’s Best Practice Guide for Full Height Basement Insulation and is actively involved with the Habitat for Humanity. Bruce has a degree in Administrative and Commercial Studies from the University of Western Ontario and has attained his DuPont Building Science Senior Certification status as a Tyvek® Specialist.

Central Ontario 
Peter Pierroz

Territory: Central Ontario
Home Base: Hamilton, ON
Telephone: 647-899-0834

Peter Pierroz has 15 years of construction experience in both the commercial and residential sectors.

Peter has worked in Real Estate Development, Construction Material Distribution and with Insulated Concrete Form manufacturing.  He has held various positions including Business Development, Territory Sales Management and Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Peter has been involved in many green building projects throughout Canada and USA that were designed and built to LEED, Net-Zero and Passive House standards.

Peter is a member of the Greater Toronto Home Builders Association and is currently completing the DuPont Building Science Tyvek Specialist certification program.

Eastern Ontario

Specialist - Paul Locke 

Paul Locke

Territory:  Central and Eastern Ontario
Home Base:  Whitby, ON
Telephone:  (416) 988-8275

Paul has been with DuPont for 20 years and has extensive experience in technical service, business development, sales and account management.  Paul is a Certified Tyvek® Specialist and works with all aspects of the value chain within the construction industry and leads the DuPont™ Weatherization System Certified Installer Program in Canada. Paul is a member of CHBA Renovation Committee and Manufacturers council, and is an active member of GOHBA and BILD. Paul has a degree in Applied Chemistry from the University of Waterloo and has been on the board of directors of the Net Zero Energy Home Coalition (NZEH) for the past 4 years.


Enrico Bocchino

Territory: Quebec
Home Base: Laval, QC
Telephone: 514-919-2272

Enrico Bocchino has over 20 years of distribution and manufacturer sales experience and has a strong understanding of the construction industry in Quebec.  His experience includes managing dealer networks, both at wholesale and retail levels, as well as creating and implementing product knowledge programs tailored to the specific needs of the field sales representatives, retail sales associates, architects, and engineers.

Enrico is currently completing the DuPont Building Science Tyvek Specialist certification program.
Atlantic Canada

Specialist - Brian Chisholm

Brian Chisholm

Territory:  Atlantic Canada
Home Base:  Bedford, NS
Telephone:  (902) 209-4204

Brian Chisholm has over 30 years experience in the residential and commercial construction industry in Canada. He has held technical sales and specification management positions with Owens Corning and CertainTeed. He has extensive experience with the R-2000 initiative and was the 1st recipient of the CHBA National Marketing R-2000 award.  Brian has been a member of the board of the NS Homebuilders Assoc. and the Atlantic chapter of Construction Specifications Canada where he served two terms as Chairman.  Brian has a BBA in marketing from St. F. X. University and has attained his DuPont Building Science Certification status as a Tyvek® Specialist.


• Answers to questions on benefits and proper usage of DuPont Weatherization Systems products
• Customized sales and marketing programs
• Product training for your sales force, consumer literature, energy analysis, and model home programs
• Training for crews to ensure proper installation


• Assistance in specification and installation questions
• On-site training for crews to ensure proper installation
• AIA and Credit Courses with Canadian Institutions


• Thorough product sales training to both internal and external salespeople
• Joint builder calls and training meetings help educate your customers on benefits of proper installation  of DuPont Weatherization Systems
• Builder training meetings
• Customized marketing promotions and programs
• Inventory management programs designed to maximize turns


• Answers to questions on benefits and installation of DuPont Weatherization Systems
• Easy-to-follow, comprehensive literature explaining DuPont Weatherization Systems benefits
Let our network of DuPont™ Tyvek® Specialists assist you during all phases of your project – be it designing commercial buildings, installing weather protection products, or remodeling your home. Whatever the job, our Specialists are industry-experts focused on solving any construction-related problem or need you may have.