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Adhesion Resins from DuPont

Aluminum composite building panels rely on the durable lamination performance of DuPont™ Bynel® PE-aluminum adhesive resins.
PE-aluminum adhesive performance is one of the most important requirements for aluminum composite building panels to remain attractive and trouble-free after installation. Because delaminations can be a particularly unsightly and costly repair issue, panel manufacturers must take great care to assure long-term adhesion between the panel core material and outer metal layers.

PE Aluminum Adhesive Placement Alternatives

DuPont offers several specially developed grades of Bynel® adhesive resin for use in laminating building panels. Bynel® resins have been proven effective in a variety of adhesive placement methods (prior to or simultaneous with the aluminum lamination step):

  • coextrusion with the polymer core;
  • lamination with a pre-made film of Bynel®
  • extrusion coating onto the polymer core layer.

Tailored DuPont™ Bynel® resins can be used in composite building panels to meet a range of PE-aluminum adhesive needs

The panel manufacturer's choice of adhesive placement technology typically dictates an ideal processing temperature to maximize panel adhesion without damaging color or surface appearance. Bynel® resins are offered in high-performance grades that can be tailored to each manufacturer's processing requirements.

Related DuPont Polymers for Composite Panels

Related DuPont polymer offerings for aluminum composite building panels include:

  • Fusabond® HFFR coupling agents for efficient compounds incorporating high mineral filler loadings.
  • Elvaloy® AC HFFR core layer resins and compound technology for cost-effective alternatives to other conventional flame retardant compositions.