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Performance-Enhancing Options for Formulators

Come and meet the DuPont™ Capstone® fluorosurfactants team at Nuremberg, Germany, on 19-21 March 2013, Hall 7, stand 7-635, where DuPont will showcase a range of multifunctional surfactants that can improve the performance of low-VOC and VOC-free architectural and decorative coatings.

Lowering traditional solvent use levels results in the need for a myriad of functional additives to maintain coating performance. These additives may serve only one need, whether to minimize foam, as an open-time extender, or as a wetting agent, leveling aid, anti-block or anti-crater additive.

DuPont™ Capstone® fluorosurfactants provide multifunctional performance above and beyond what hydrocarbon and silicon surfactants offer, drastically reducing surface defects commonly encountered in VOC-free paint applications. When incorporated at the beginning stage of the formulation, the use of these multifunctional additives enables formulators to reduce the amount and number of additives, thus simplifying formulations which can lead to cost savings, while creating higher performing paints.

The multifunctional properties of Capstone® fluorosurfactants provide maximum performance such as:

     • wetting and leveling

     • defoaming

     • anti-cratering

     • anti-block and open-time extension for low-VOC paints

     • resistance to organic soil and dirt pickup


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DuPont - A Global Leader in Sustainability
DuPont - A Global Leader in Sustainability
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