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Recruitment FAQs

1) How can I learn about open positions at DuPont?
All open positions are posted on the web site. You can search open positions by location, functional area or experience level. To learn more about current job openings please visit


2) How do I apply for a position at DuPont?
Apply to DuPont via our online application process by clicking
Please ensure your windows pop-up blocker is off.  To do this go to the 'tools' option on your internet tool bar.


3) Can I send my resume via fax, mail or e-mail?It is very important that you apply for these roles through our on-line application process.  We do not accept emailed resumes as we require you to complete a few short questions on our on-line application form as part of the application process.  This additional information helps both yourself and DuPont to determine if there is an appropriate match between yourself and the role offered.


4) Why am I having problems registering to the system?
If you have problems registering on our system, it is probably because you are trying to register with a user name that has been used by someone else.  We suggest you use your email address as a username to avoid this problem.


5) Why am I having problems with the online registration process?
If you are faced with a blank screen or cannot find the job title on the screen, ensure you have scrolled up or down the screen as depending on your computer, pages often open in a different place. A small number of people find they are unable to see all the questions on our application form as they extend beyond the width of their screen.  If you have this problem, try arrowing across the screen using the arrows on your keyboard.


6) What if I don't find the right opportunity immediately?
If you do not see your ideal next opportunity, simply submit your candidate profile. The candidate profile provides us with a summary of your skills and experiences and enters you into our applicant database. When a position becomes available that matches your criteria, you will receive an e-mail notification. Please visit to submit your candidate profile.


7) What happens after I submit my application online?
Once you apply to a position, you will receive an e-mail notification confirming receipt of your application and resume.


8) How will I know if I am selected to participate in the interview process?
If your qualifications and experience level are most aligned with the requirements of the position, your resume and application will be reviewed and considered. If you are selected to proceed in the process, you will be contacted directly by a DuPont Recruiter.


9) What if I am interested in multiple positions? Can I apply more to more than one position?
Yes. Please apply to each position of interest that matches your experience and the requirements as specified by the position. Your application will be considered against each job for which you apply.


10) How do I learn more about DuPont geographic regions and locations?
DuPont has more than 60,000 employees in over 70 countries. For more information on a particular region, please visit DuPont Overview.  For jobs outside Australia, please visit Jobs by Region.


11) How can I learn more about the recruitment process for experienced professionals?
Please visit Recruitment Process for further information.