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DuPont carefully selects, develops, and trains employees to help the company maintain its current market leadership and to expand that leadership into new areas. A career at DuPont offers you an opportunity to become the catalyst for change, personally and professionally.

DuPont has a highly diverse workforce: individuals of all colors and ethnic backgrounds come together to pool their talent and creativity. This aggregate -- together with a respectful workplace, the opportunities we offer for personal and professional growth, and rewards commensurate with achievement -- makes DuPont one of the best career choices today.

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Europe and the Middle East
Austria | Belgium (België/Belgique) | Bosnia | Croatia | Czech Republic (Ceská republika) | Denmark (Danmark) | Egypt | Finland (Suomi) | France | Germany (Deutschland) | Greece | Hungary (Magyarorszag) | Ireland (Eire) | Italy | Luxembourg | Macedonia | The Netherlands (Nederland) | Norway (Norge) | Poland | Portugal | Russia | Saudi Arabia | Slovenia | Spain (España) | Sweden (Sverige) | Switzerland | Turkey | Ukraine | United Kingdom | Yugoslavia

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