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Working @ DuPont

Recognizing that our people are our greatest resource, DuPont (Australia) Ltd.has a strong commitment to gender awareness programs, work/life programs and management of a diverse workforce.


To provide you the best possible working environment, we've developed the following tenets for a respectful workplace:

  • Treat others with dignity and respect
  • Be accountable for your own personal behaviour
  • Tolerate no incidents of discrimination or harassment
  • Seek win-win solutions to work-life issues
  • Respect local culture, customs, and values while, at the same time, not compromise the respectful treatment of others
  • Be responsible for personal growth and for helping others to grow


Our positions offer highly competitive salaries and benefits and we encourage you to develop your own career.

Work/life balance

It is DuPont's intention to create an environment where people can use all of their capabilities in support of the business. Therefore, we encourage our employees to balance their work and personal responsibilities, through programs like the following:


  • Family leave - maternity, paternity, adoption, or serious illness of a parent, spouse, or child
  • Flexible work practices - part-time, job sharing, flexitime, compressed work week
  • Child & dependent care - access to support services to help when care is needed
  • Work/life activities - committees, lunchtime lectures, health and work support activities 

Our mission. Our vision. Our core vales.

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People diversity

DuPont (Australia) Ltd values the diversity of all employees. Find out about people diversity at DuPont globally.



Learning and development

Find out about learning and development opportunities at DuPont (Australia) Ltd.