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DuPont Australia Career Center

Learning & development in DuPont Australia

DuPont is committed to providing ongoing learning and development opportunities for all employees.  Where possible we encourage development on the job as we believe this is the best way to embed new skills and learning.  We also provide employees access to the DuPont Global Mentoring Program allowing employees to learn from the experience of others. 


A country calendar of training events is published each year. These consist of core values programs, compliance training as well as personal development and leadership.  We believe in our leaders acting as our teachers - so many of our business and functional leaders are closely involved in our development activities.


Key focus areas for development currently include sales competency development, customer service, six sigma and people leadership development.  Formal training is often run locally for employees who need to learn or refresh their skills in these key areas.  We have a combination of global, regional and local programs as part of our development offerings.


As part of our performance management process all DuPont employees have a current year development plan in place which ensures they are developing the skills and knowledge they require to perform in their current role.  Development discussions are part of ongoing performance discussions.  DuPont Australia has a culture of promoting one on one monthly conversations between employees and their managers to help employees understand the value of their contribution and keep employees on track.


DuPont has a formal Career Development process in place which is available for employees who are focussing on their longer term development.  Employees are encouraged to discover their strengths and passions and align them with the company’s strategic direction. 


For those employees who require fast track development DuPont also provides an Accelerated Leadership Development process.