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The most important questions you'll need to ask when choosing your career....


Question 1 - What do I want out of a Career?


The career you might want is one that:


  • Offers you maximum personal growth and development
  • Enables you to develop skills, knowledge and experience and apply them well
  • Offers you job satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment
  • Offers you competitive and attractive compensation and benefits
  • Is interesting and enjoyable
  • Is long term


Question 2 - What kind of company offers a career?


You can assess a company by looking at the quality of its:


  • Reputation and track record - business performance, financial stability, growth and global presence
  • Products and services - quality, innovation, research and development, corporate culture, vision, mission and management
  • People, employees, customers and shareholders
  • Contributions to society and the community
  • Compensation and benefits package


Question 3 - How can a company help me grow?


The company and career you choose should provide you with maximum opportunities and the right environment to achieve your professional and personal goals. These may include:


  • Professional, technical or specialist expertise in management and leadership skills
  • Recognition as a valued asset to your organization and your colleagues
  • A strong sense of belonging and identity
  • Rewarding job satisfaction
  • Personal growth and development


DuPont is:


  • In the forefront of technology, bringing state-of-the-art expertise to the countries in which it operates
  • Sincerely values employees as the key to its success
  • Prides itself on its people-oriented "development' culture, where leaders are coaches, and team developers, and people are a valuable resource
  • Seeks to provide the best possible working environment, promoting initiative taking and conducive to creative thinking
  • Celebrates the "team', while recognizing the individual
  • Encourages and develops skills in self-management, teamwork, communications, problem-solving and leadership
  • Offers a challenging environment for personal development and growth, with a commitment to individual career management
  • Provides the opportunity to work with a diversity of talents and cultures, with access to a global network of resources and the possibility of overseas assignments


Question 4 - Apart from salary, what should I look for?


Salary is important, but a comprehensive career package means more than that. It includes;


  • Benefits
  • Training and development


DuPont offers:


  • A comprehensive package of salary and benefits
  • Benefits include leave, holiday subsidy, insurance and medical coverage, dental care, and housing and car loan assistance
  • Training and development programs that will enhance your professional and technical capabilities, as well as leadership, management and interpersonal skills