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DuPont Vietnam Career Center


At DuPont, concern for people and safety at the work place as well as off the job are core values dating back to the origins of the company in 1802 in Wilmington, Delaware, USA.


The DuPont family, which founded the company, located their home in close proximity to the black powder (explosives) mill, and initiated all new operating procedures themselves. They faced the same hazards as the mill workers. The founders also respected individual employees, and were personally concerned with employee safety and well being.


This foundation of a broader concern for people and a willing acceptance of social responsibility have helped shape policies and practices in DuPont Singapore that enhance the total well being of employees and their families. When employees are safe and well on the job, they are better placed to promote safety and health within the family. Equally, the company’s growth takes place through its employees, whose roles are valued not only at work, but also at home and in the community. Through this integrated approach, the company seeks to promote the needs of employees, families and the community at large.