DuPont™ Painters Caulk with Speed Dry™ Technology

DuPont™ Painters Caulk with Speed Dry™ technology allows you to spray paint immediately, or brush paint in only 30 minutes after applying the caulk. It can be used on a wide variety of interior and exterior surfaces, delivering excellent adhesion and durability.  This paintable caulk is one of the fastest-drying on the market, giving you the freedom to get your projects done quickly, easily and on your own schedule. Along with one of the fastest skin-over times available, this paintable caulk will not crack or shine through.

DuPont™ Painters Caulk with Speed Dry™ Technology can help eliminate air infiltration into a home when used around doors and windows.  The Department of Energy – ENERGY STAR® Home Sealing Guidelines and the NAHB Green Home Building Guidelines recommend the use of caulk to increase the energy efficiency of a home.

DuPont™ Painters Caulk with Speed Dry™ Technology comes in cartridge packaging that requires a caulk gun to apply. For your quick drying, paintable caulk, choose the name that has brought you quality products for more than 200 years – DuPont.

Product Features:
• One of the fastest drying times available
• No cracking or shine-through
• Spray paint immediately
• Brush paint in 30 minutes
• Mold and mildew resistant, once cured
• Clean up with soap and water
• Packaging:  10.1 oz cartridge
• Low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound)

Available colors and packaging:
• 10.1 oz. cartridges available in white
Testing Standards:
• ASTM C-834, Type OP, Grade  0P, Grade -18˚C, White

Effective in a variety of interior or exterior applications:
• Windows and doors
• Trim
• Crown molding
• Sinks
• Counters
• Siding

Excellent adhesion to most substrates:
• Wood
• Masonry
• Brick
• Concrete
• Metal
• Marble
• Glass
• Porcelain
• Ceramic tile

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Is Your Home Energy Efficient?

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