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Cerenol™ Copolymers

Cerenol™ Copolymers are high-performance polyols(polyether diols) that contain between 50% and 100% renewably sourced 1,3 propanediol (by weight) derived from corn. Whether it’s a glycol or ester, Cerenol™ Copolymers are an ideal alternative to petroleum-based incumbents. They have an amorphous composition, excellent low- temperature properties along with low viscosity, and exhibit a broad range of value-added characteristics, such as high purity and low toxicity, without compromising functionality. Unlike other plant-derived polyols, Cerenol™ Copolymers have a consistent and reliable set of properties that can easily be obtained by polymerizing 1,3 propanediol with other value-adding ingredients, through a polycondensation process.

When compared to incumbents completely derived from petrochemicals, Cerenol™ Copolymers offer a lower environmental footprint, as determined by an ISO 14000- compliant Life Cycle Analysis, resulting in a savings in non-renewable energy consumption and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

Available in a number of molecular weights, ranging from 500 to 3,000, Cerenol™ Copolymers are engineered to meet the needs of individual applications. Cerenol™ Glycols Used either as an ingredient or a reactive intermediate, Cerenol™ Glycols are ideal for a variety of end-use applications.  Cerenol™ Esters Are low-viscosity fluids with great low-temperature properties that are well suited for personal care and functional fluid applications.