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Cerenol™ Homopolymers

Cerenol™ Homopolymers are 100% renewably sourced, high-performance polyols (polyether diols) made from renewably sourced 1,3 propanediol derived from corn. They are an ideal alternative to petroleum-based polyols, and offer a consistent and reliable set of properties unlike other plant-derived polyols. Cerenol™ Homopolymers have a semi-crystalline composition and exhibit a broad range of value-added characteristics, such as easy processability, low viscosity, biodegradability, high purity and low toxicity, without compromising functionality.

In addition to the performance benefits, Cerenol™ Homopolymers offer a lower environmental footprint when compared to petrochemical alternatives like PTMEG. They can save 40% in non-renewable energy consumption and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 42%, as determined by an ISO 14000-compliant Life Cycle Analysis.

Available in a number of molecular weights, ranging from 500 to 3,000, Cerenol™ Homopolymers are engineered to meet the needs of individual applications.