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Cerenol™ is a family of high-performance polyols (polyether diols) derived from renewably sourced 1,3 propanediol. It offers many value-added properties, for a wide range of end-use products in diverse markets, without compromising functionality. And unlike plant-based polyols, Cerenol™ has a consistent set of properties and enhances functionality to a broader application range.

Cerenol™ can increase process efficiencies and enhance performance in many end uses, while also providing significant environmental benefits. In fact, Cerenol™ has a lower environmental footprint than the preferred petroleum-based soft segment for high- performance polymers, PTMEG. From cradle to gate, Cerenol™ offers savings in non-renewable energy consumption and reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, as determined by an ISO 14000-compliant Life Cycle Analysis.

In most applications, Cerenol™ is a drop-in replacement, so existing processes, manufacturing systems and equipment will require little or no alteration or retrofitting.

Cerenol™ Homopolymers

This innovative line of homopolymers is 100% renewably sourced, and is engineered for uncompromised performance.

Cerenol™ Copolymers

These high-performance copolymers are engineered with value-adding glycols and esters and they provide environmental benefits.