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High-Performance Elastomers

DuPont™ Cerenol™ is ideal for polyurethane (PU), copolyamide (COPA) and copolyester (COPE) elastomer manufacturing companies looking for high-performance alternatives to petroleum-based ingredients. Renewably sourced Cerenol™ is a replacement for PTMEG, the preferred high-performance elastomer for soft segment, and offers a unique combination of value-added characteristics, including:

• Good chemical resistance

• Wide range of flexibility

• High mechanical strength and toughness

• Outstanding low-temperature impact strength and flexibility

• Very good recovery

• Good thermal stability and abrasion resistance

• Low density

Whether it is PU or COPA used for medical applications, sports equipment and breathable films, or COPE used in automotive industries, flexible molded, filament and film applications, Cerenol™ meets or exceeds all performance characteristics of traditional petroleum-based incumbents, while providing significant environmental benefits.