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Frequently Asked Questions

General Participation

Is it possible to participate as a group in the competition?
Yes, the competition is open to any project, submitted "as an individual" or "as a group" (architect bureau, firm, group of students), as long as each registered group submits one single team project that meets the entry submission requirements.

Are students allowed to participate in the competition?
Yes, the competition is open to any architect, student, or any person interested in architecture and willing to creatively design a new face for the "Pushkinsky Cinema", using innovative building materials.

What languages are the Competition rules available in?
The competition Terms & Conditions are available in English, Russian & Turkish and downloadable directly from the competition website:


Where can I register for the competition ?
Registration/payment and project submission are to be made online on:

Can the contact name on the registration form be different from the contact name on the project submission form?
To register for the Competition the participant will need an account on Architizer. Each project can have only one ‘Architizer’ user name. The names of potential additional participants (if registered as a group) can be credited as the final documents are uploaded. The 20€ registration fee covers one single project submission (individual or as a group).

I do not have ‘Paypal’ access, how can I register and pay for the competition?
If you do not have access to Paypal, please contact:

I registered and paid already but could not access the file package, what should I do?
If you encounter problems to access or download the file package, please contact: Plans & images of the Pushkinsky Cinema

Will there be drawings, digital models or any representation of the existing building provided to work from?
Yes, once registered online, you will access the file package to work on your design project; it includes:
5 images and 2 original line drawings of the Facade
2 plans developed from the original line drawings of the Facade
1 scale plan of the interior of the building (1st floor)
>25 pictures featuring the immediate surroundings of the building
Those are the only files available of the Pushkinsky Cinema; they should provide you with a strong basis to design creatively the new face of the building. If you are missing any of the files listed above, please contact:

Should the project design focus only on the 1st floor or also integrate the ground floor?
The public entrance to the main Cinema hall is on the 1st floor, accessible from the front staircase which crosses the road. On the ground floor, the entrance on each side leads to a restaurant (Chinese on the left; Brazilian on the right). Your design project may include both floors.

How is the interior of the building organised; what is the function of each room?
Below is a short description based on the interior floor plan in AutoCAD format: (1st floor – where the public accesses the main Cinema hall): The front entrance area (2) is surrounded on each side with the cashiers (current cashiers on the right and former cashiers on the left, today used as a storage space). The entrance area leads to the main Cinema hall (3. large space in the middle of the plan).

Which material(s) the facades are currently made of?
The front and lateral facades of the building are currently made of a glass and aluminium structure that does not longer meet today’s standards and should be redesigned.

Should the project also include the immediate surroundings of the building?
Your design project should focus first on the front and lateral facades (exterior & interior). The main entry way and front access staircase crossing the road are fully part of the design project. A potential extension to the ‘immediate surroundings of the building’ attached to the premises (e.g. restaurants on the ground floor…) is receivable. The rear façade of the Cinema should not be considered as it is attached to another building.

Should the project include the rear of the building?
The rear façade of the Pushkinsky Cinema should not be considered as it is attached to another building. Your project should focus on the front and lateral facades of the building.

Entry Requirements

All entry submission requirements are detailed in the Competition Terms & Conditions (paragraph C2.)

You can preview the type of board requested on our image gallery showing the winning entries in the previous competition editions:

How many project board(s) is/are required? What size should the project board(s) be?
Your project must be presented as 1 (one) 3x4 digital board in landscape view. The "3x4" expresses the ratio height/length of the digital image in landscape format featuring your project. It does not refer to any unit of measurement.

Which type of drawings/images is required on the project board?
Your project board should include:
at least one panoramic picture of the proposed design
a view of the project ‘in perspective’, blended into the surrounding cityscape
one vertical projection picture – showing the front facade
one side section picture – showing one lateral facade
a development plan – introductory map or plan to locate the building, precise its orientation & mark its main entrances
Any text on the project board must be in English.

In order to ensure the full anonymity during the evaluation process, please do not include your first name, or last name on any of your project files (section or projection on your board, development plan, and additional images)
Your filenames should only correspond to the project name you chose for your submission (e.g. light_tower.pdf, light_tower.doc, light_tower1.jpeg, light_tower2.jpeg).

Should the project board be submitted in AutoCAD (.dwg) format?
No, not necessarily. Your project board should be submitted in digital (e.g. pdf, jpeg) format.

Should the project submission include a written description of the design?
Yes, you must include a document in Word (.doc) format, titled with the name of your design project. It should include a brief description of the underlying concept of the proposal as well as an explanation for the choice of materials. The Word file may be in English or Russian & English.

How can I learn more about the materials/solutions to be used in the project?
"There are no restrictions regarding materials to be used — any material will do. The only requirement is using at least one DuPont product" (from terms & conditions, paragraph A.7 Special Requirements).
Your design project should integrate at least one of DuPont solutions for:
Exterior cladding surfaces – DuPont™ Corian®
Structural glass interlayers - DuPont™ SentryGlas® & SentryGlas® Expressions™
Building envelopes – DuPont™ Tyvek® UV Facades
Protective coatings for architectural fabrics & surfaces - DuPont™ Teflon® ; DuPont™ Alesta®
Find out more about DuPont solutions for facades: Discover DuPont in other construction applications:

What is the deadline for submitting the project?
You should submit on the project submission page on Architizer by May 15th 2011, until Midnight (24.00 PM) – GMT (London Time). No projects will be accepted after the deadline.

Winning Prize/Award

How many projects will be awarded?
The first 3 projects will be financially awarded. The runners up will receive honorable mentions (no financial prize)

What are the winning prizes?
The financial prizes are as follows:
1st Prize: 10.000 (ten thousand) Euros
2nd Prize: 5.000 (five thousand) Euros
3rd Prize: 3.000 (three thousand) Euros
Honorable Mentions: no financial prize

The winning projects will also benefit from a large exposure:
Comprehensive information on results of the competition will be published on the web portals of the Union of Architects of Russia (UAR), Architizer, DuPont Changing the Face; as well as in socio-political media and dedicated journals.

In addition we hope to exhibit all the competition entries in exhibitions to be held in Moscow and other regional centres of the Russian Federation.

What are the chances for the winning project to be implemented?
With this "open ideas" competition, we aim firstly at inspiring innovative architectural concepts for re-building the facade of the Pushkinsky Cinema using the latest technologies and materials. We also aspire to raise awareness and create a public discussion around the future of this "landmark" building of Moscow's and Russia's cultural life. However, the "Changing the Face" competition will be a single-phase event and any decision regarding the actual reconstruction of the Pushkinsky Cinema remains in the ends of its owners.

For the competition information, registration and project submission please visit:

If you have any further question, please contact us on: