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Changing the Face 2010 - Athens - The Piraeus Tower

Athens, 24th June 2010 – and DuPont have just announced the winners of the open architectural contest which ideologically resolves the facade proposition of the Piraeus Tower Four impressive proposals by four international groups of architects out of 380 proposals, 949 studiers and 44 countries, were awarded by the three first prizes of the open architectural ideas contest “Changing the Face – The Piraeus Tower”. The exhibition of all submitted projects is now open to the public, and includes 380 designs for the reformation of the “sleeping giant”.

1st Prize - The Windscraper
By Matthias Hollwich and Marc Kushner
1st Prize Winner - The Windscraper
In order to save us from the imminent ecological catastrophe, strategies of energy efficiency and sustainability must move beyond conservation: we need buildings that harvest the environment for energy...
 Windscraper - Full Story
2nd Prize - Waterfall
By Danir Safiullin and Irina Prytkova
2nd Prize Winner - Waterfall
With the project “Light – is the water of the sky and “Water - is the light of the Earth.”…and the noisy light of the waterfall” The building is presented as a symbol of the main port of Mediterranean....
 Waterfall - Full Story
3rd Prize - The Athena Lighthouse
By Gerald Griggs and Weimeng Lu
3rd Prize Winner - The Athena Lighthouse
With the project “The Athena Lighthouse”. By virtue of its height and proximity to the water, the Piraeus Tower has already become iconic – as the lighthouse of the ferry harbour and the gateway to Athens.
 Athena Lighthouse - Full Story
3rd Prize - Sun Tower
By Marco Acerbis
3rd Prize Winner - Sun Tower
With the project “Sun Tower” - Simple ideas often were the driving force for the evolution of human kind, like the idea of the sails that allowed Greeks to ship all over the Mediterranean Sea. Today, in an era of complex energy ...
 Sun Tower - Full Story
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