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Changing the face 2009 - Bucharest - The People's House

During the Bucharest Annual of Architecture 2009, DuPont partnered with the Bucharest branch of the Order of Architects of Romania and igloomedia and launched changing the face – The People’s House, a daring idea contest, with huge creative possibilities with ironic potential. We were challenging Bucharest based architects to come up with proposals for the design of a fictitious facade for a local Goliath.

1st Prize - People's Blob
By Mircea Stroescu
People's Blob - The People’s House
People’s Blob is an architectural criticism of a building which lacks style and reference and an ironic extrapolation of the act of pure megalomania which it embodies.
2nd Prize - The People's Houses
By Catrinel Panaite
Houses of People - The People’s House
The People's Houses is a very simple approach to the contradictory populism of the Palace and a proposal to give back to the people the building which is theirs only by name.
3rd Prize - A try to make you curious
By Dimitrie Andrei Stefanescu
Making you more curious - The People’s House
An attempt to build your curiosity- a mature gesture to suggest the past and an unexpected suggestion to discover today’s People's Palace, starting from scratch
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