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Changing the Face 2009 - Prague - National Theater

In September 2009, during the Architecture festival week in Prague, the National Theatre together with DuPont announced a public architectural contest with an ideological purpose to resolve the facade proposition of the “New Scene of the National Theatre.”

The architects where provided a space to work in a creative way without limiting prejudices and restraints, creating a new facade of the National Theatre and to incorporate modern architecture in the original, historical built-up area.

1st Prize - Mag. Arch. Jiri Matura
1st Prize Winner - Jiri Matura
It creates a compact mass and facade covering a regular grid. The facade is dynamically shaped with a lighter central part. Thoughtful and dignified manner, the design brings National class from the National Theatre.
2nd Prize - Mimosa architects
By Ing. Moráček architect Peter, Ing. Architect Paul, Matyska Ing. Architect John Sediment
2nd Prize Winner - Mimosa Architects
The solution is a humorous example of the use of contemporary materials. Architecturally the design unites both parts of the building. The solution is dynamic, shrinking and inflating the various elements for a dramatic effect. The building evokes a living organism, which expresses a function of the building. The technical solution would have to be completely resolved, as proposed material is semitransparent.
3rd Prize - Framing
By Ing.arch. Vitezslav Danda
3rd Prize Winner - Framing
Prager stresses the value of existing buildings and creates a symbolic frame around it, without infringing adored elements. The location of the elevator in the structure is novel and interesting. This design delivers a strong opinion, but is certainly legitimate. The symbol of the frame can be seen as a theatre web site and adds emphasis to the building.
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