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ClO2 Activation and Delivery Systems

CIO2 ActivationStabilized chlorine dioxide solutions like Carnebon® 200, Anthium Dioxcide® and Endimal®, usually need to be "activated" for most microbial applications. The addition of an acid or some other appropriate compound is necessary to reduce the proprietary buffering system where some of the stabilized solution converts into free chlorine dioxide.  The potent microbial kill capacity of “activated” stabilized chlorine dioxide is a simplistic approach for small applications where the biocidal properties of ClO2 are desired but economics do not allow for on-site generation.

  • OXYCHLOR® E – Electrochemical Activator System
  • OXYCHLOR® S – On the Fly Activator System
  • OXYCHLOR® X – Diluter