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DuPont™ Endimal® oxidizing deodorizer compound

DuPont™ Endimal® is a proven proprietary solution formulated to destroy numerous odor-causing pollutants that are found in wastewater treatment systems. Endimal® is uniquely designed to selectively react with sulfide compounds in the waste stream. As a result, Endimal® requires a low applied dose which, in turn, provides an economically attractive solution with odor destruction capabilities that outperform other popular alternatives. Additionally, its oxidizing performance does not change with pH levels, thus providing high sulfide removal efficiencies.

Endimal® serves a critical role in addressing odor control requirements with many positive attributes:

  • Reduced corrosion
  • No discharge of harmful by-products to the atmosphere
  • Easily adjusted dosage to meet the rapidly changing odor demands with instantaneous results
  • Eliminates sulfide-based odors
  • Compatible with existing treatment regiment
  • Does not interfere with composting activity
  • Easily incorporated into all the dewatering techniques
  • Cost effective
  • Facilitates a safer working environment

Reducing Common Industry Challenges

The challenges associated with (H2S) gas emissions are of great concern in many industrial operations. The operational and safety consequences resulting from the presence of H2S can have a lasting negative impact on your business if not adequately addressed with an effective treatment solution. The real and present danger of H2S is driving the many industries to look for a better alternative solution to the traditional H2S scavengers on the market today.

The Endimal® family of products has advantages over traditional oxidative and scavenging chemistries for H2S control. It will not halogenate organics, form volatile organic compounds (VOCs), or interfere with other treatment processes at typical use levels.

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