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Sodium Chlorite Solutions

DuPont is a leading North American supplier of sodium chlorite precursor solutions, under the trade names ADOX® and Headline®. In addition to using DuPont sodium chlorite solutions as the precursor to chlorine dioxide (ClO2), many customers also use it with a DuPont™ Oxychlor® chlorine dioxide generation system.

ADOX® is EPA approved and FDA accepted for a variety of applications, and is certified by ANSI/NSF Standard 60 for drinking water additives. Headline® is for odor and non-pesticidal oxidative applications. DuPont offers ADOX® and Headline® in 55-gallon drums, 275-gallon totes, and in tank truck quantities to suit your particular requirements.

Freight cost is a key variable in moving sodium chlorite across the nation. Leveraging DuPont logistics and supply chain enables sodium chlorite to be supplied in an efficient and timely manner. 

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EPA Approved  Oxidizers/Deodorizers   Active Concentration  
ADOX® 750   Headline® 750 7.5%  
ADOX® 3125 / 8125  Headline® 3125 25%  
ADOX® 3875   Headline® 3875 31%  


Active Concentration

Specific Gravity


Registered Biocide?
DOT Hazard Class
ADOX® 7507.5%
1.059 g/ml typical>12.0 typicalYesNon-Hazardous
ADOX® 3125 / 812525%
1.209 g/ml typical>12.0 typicalYesHazardous Corrosive
ADOX® 387531%
1.269 g/ml typical>12.0 typicalYesHazardous Corrosive
ADOX® 470037%
g/ml typical>12.0 typicalYesHazardous Corrosive
Headline® 7507.5%
1.059 g/ml typical>12.0 typicalNoNon-Hazardous
Headline® 312525%
1.209 g/ml typical>12.0 typicalNoHazardous Corrosive
Headline® 387531%
1.269 g/ml typical>12.0 typicalNoHazardous Corrosive