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DuPont Industrial CoatingSolutions is the coating industry’s most powerful alliance of brands and technologies.

DuPont Imron

DuPont™ Imron® Elite liquid coatings

  The benchmark for color, durability and productivity. » More
DuPont Excel
DuPont™ Excel™ Pro liquid coatings
A durable, acrylic urethane topcoat that delivers good appearance and color capability. » More
DuPont Tufcote
DuPont™ Tufcote™ liquid coatings
Provides excellent weathering, flexibility, and color and gloss retention with less chalking. » More
Precidium™ Floor Coating System
Precidium™ Floor Coating System, exclusively distributed by DuPont, offers transit authorities an advanced floor coating system for trains and buses that is superior to traditional flooring in terms of performance, aesthetics and ease of maintenance. » More
DuPont Alesta
DuPont™ Alesta® powder coatings
Decorative powder coatings that deliver superior coverage and transfer efficiency so you can get more done in less time. » More
DuPont Nap-Gard
DuPont™ Nap-Gard® powder coatings
The innovator behind many of today’s pipe coating advancements. » More
DuPont Cormax
DuPont™ CorMax® e coat coatings
Robust formulations deliver superior corrosion-resistance and excellent throw power. » More