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Aircraft coatings by DuPont

Success in the aviation industry comes down to two words: profitability and productivity. That sounds easy, but we know in times of economic uncertainty, managing profitability can be difficult. That’s why DuPont has developed an exclusive line of aircraft coatings to keep your coatings operation productive and profitable.

When selecting the right aircraft coatings for your business, there’s no room for compromise.
DuPont aircraft coatings are designed to exceed the most stringent standards for appearance and durability, and keep you compliant with current and future environmental regulations.

In head-to-head tests with the best-performing challenger we could find, DuPont™ Imron® topcoats demonstrated superior impact resistance and retained its gloss and mirror-like finish longer than the competition under accelerated environmental exposure.

The results speak for themselves – aircrafts painted with DuPont aircraft coatings require less finish maintenance over time – reducing the asset owner’s costs and keeping their investment looking great for longer.

Provide us the opportunity to evaluate your current coatings process and we will in turn show you how DuPont aircraft coatings can improve your productivity and your cost position, now and in the future.

That’s our commitment.

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Visit our dedicated aircraft coatings website for detailed technical and color information.