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Rail and transit coatings by DuPont

Today’s manufacturers of locomotives and passenger cars demand innovative, easy-to-use coatings systems that add value to their manufacturing operations. DuPont helps rail manufacturers satisfy those needs.

Our team of highly experienced professionals partner with you to understand your specific quality, productivity and life cycle goals, and design a coatings system that is tailored to your specific operation. Using lean principles and Six Sigma methodology, they help you eliminate unnecessary process steps, reduce material waste and defects, cut energy consumption, and lower your environmental footprint -- all of which optimize your cost per unit without sacrificing quality.

Innovative technologies
The complete portfolio of DuPont rail coatings includes flexible and ultra-durable liquid, e coat and powder coatings for interior and exterior applications.

  • Patented antimicrobial coatings inhibit the growth and transmission of harmful microbes on powder coated surfaces, such as those found in the interior of transit passenger cars
  • Antigraffiti coatings have excellent cleaning properties and resist not only graffiti but also airborne debris and chemicals
  • Patented waterborne and ultra-low VOC formulations help manufacturers produce units in an energy efficient and environmentally responsible manner, without sacrificing the appearance or durability

Technical assistance expertise
Our global rail experience allows us to help customers beyond the world of coatings. From proprietary production simulation and design expertise, to quality management tools and safety consulting, DuPont has the technical expertise and manufacturing process knowledge to help solve your most critical challenges.

Provide us the opportunity to evaluate your current coatings process and we will in turn show you the step changes you can make to improve your productivity and your cost position, now and in the future.

That’s our commitment.

DuPont Rail Solutions

As a leading science company, DuPont brings together high performance, aesthetics and safety for today's railway industry.

Precidiumâ„¢ Floor Coating
An advanced floor coating system for trains and buses that is superior to traditional flooring in terms of performance, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.
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