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DuPont liquid coatings

Liquid coatings

DuPont liquid coatings, such as DuPont™ Imron® and DuPont™ Excel™ Pro, help manufacturers improve overall paint department yield and cost per unit by eliminating process steps, cutting energy consumption and reducing material waste. With better hiding properties and shorter cycle times, DuPont™ Imron® has proven to increase throughput and reduce labor and energy costs. » More
DuPont powder coatings
Powder coatings
Advanced powder coatings by DuPont deliver superior coverage and transfer efficiency, so your coatings operation can get more done in less time. But higher yields are just the beginning. Available in a variety of technologies for a broad range of applications, they provide tough, uniform, high quality finishes and include robust formulations that result in fewer line stoppages—saving you both time and money. » More
DuPont e coat coatings
E coat coatings
DuPont e coat products feature low temperature curing technology to reduce energy costs and shorten bake cycles. Our e coat products provide superior stability characteristics and a robust operating window that enable precise film build over complex metal shapes and sharp edges. » More
Precidiumâ„¢ Floor Coating System
Precidium™ Floor Coating System, exclusively distributed by DuPont, offers transit authorities an advanced floor coating system for trains and buses that is superior to traditional flooring in terms of performance, aesthetics and ease of maintenance. » More