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Liquid coatings

DuPont liquid coatings help manufacturers improve overall paint department yield and cost per unit by eliminating process steps, cutting energy consumption and reducing material waste. DuPont liquid coatings feature:

  • Ultra-durable, corrosion resistant topcoats
  • Brands such as DuPont™ Imron® Elite and DuPont™ Excel™ Pro provide excellent hiding properties and shorter cycle times to increase throughput and reduce labor and energy costs
  • Specially formulated for both original manufacturing and aftermarket refinishing processes, so it’s easy to get high quality “repair in kind” results in virtually color
  • Over 25,000 solid, metallic and pearlescent colors
  • Patented waterborne and ultra-low VOC liquid coatings for energy efficient and environmentally responsible production, without sacrificing appearance or durability of the final finish
  • Full complement of high-quality pretreatments, primers and clear coats

For decades, DuPont has been the leading supplier of liquid coatings to the heavy-duty truck, bus, trailer, aviation, marine and transportation equipment segments.

Provide us the opportunity to evaluate your current coatings process and we will in turn show you how our liquid coatings can improve your productivity and your cost position, now and in the future.

That’s our commitment.
The industry benchmark for performance and appearance.
A durable, acrylic urethane topcoat that delivers good appearance and color capability
Designed for leading manufacturers of agricultural and construction equipment.