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Looks great. Lasts longer. Saves money.

Precidium™ Floor Coating System, exclusively distributed by DuPont, offers transit authorities an advanced floor coating system for trains and buses that is superior to traditional flooring in terms of performance, aesthetics and ease of maintenance.

Precidium™ is a multi-layer sprayed-on coating that can be applied easily to virtually any vertical or horizontal surface, creating a lightweight, seamless and impermeable membrane.


The layers of this unique system combine to deliver a durable flooring system that is aesthetically pleasing, easy to maintain and meets the highest standards for fire, smoke, toxicity and friction.

  • Reduced maintenance costs - easy to clean and maintain for a pleasant commuter experience. Its seamless finish keeps dirt from collecting between panels. And, it won’t show the wear and tear from thousands of commuters due to its excellent abrasion and impact resistance. 
  • Increased durability - exceptional abrasion and impact resistance helps to extend the life of the floor and decreasing maintenance costs. 
  • Enhanced design flexibility - Available in a range of solid colors or with optional splash accents for a designer finish, the Precidium™ Floor Coating System can be easily customized to meet your specific needs.