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Coating & Release Systems from DuPont

DryFilm PTFE Base

In addition to providing a base for DryFilm dispersions that can reduce their environmental footprint, DryFilm polymer attributes include lubricity, thermal and chemical stability, nonflammability and antistick properties. Unlike most silicone coatings, DuPont™ DryFilm dispersions are non-migrating, staying where they are applied rather than spreading into surrounding areas.

DuPont, the internationally recognized polymer technology leader, offers you high-productivity mold release agents and dry film antifriction products.

You can choose a ready-to-use system or the option to add your own performance twist, or water- or solvent-based solutions to your lubricity and release problems.

DuPont delivers a complete and growing portfolio of high-performance mold release products to plastic, rubber, and engineering polymer molders as well as mandrel-built hose manufacturers.

Our DryFilm dispersions solve sticky problems in diverse industrial processes from the personal care industry to appliance and automotive manufacturing.