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Get your motors running

You count on your car, your motorcycle, your ATV or your
boat to run every time you turn the ignition. That’s why
it’s important to maintain your mechanical parts with
DuPont™ Lubricants & Greases. Our family of products will give you confidence on the road, off the road, or in the water.


Our family of high-performance lubricants can help keep your ride running smoothly. Find out which lubricants are right for your ride. » More
We offer an array of high-quality greases that offer broad operating temperature ranges and long-lasting performance. » More
Even the tightest and rustiest nuts, bolts and other parts are no match for our loosening products. » More
Degrease & Clean
Count on DuPont™ Lubricants & Greases products to help you keep all of your machines clean and free of grease so they look as good as they run. » More
Preventing snow and ice buildup should start with DuPont™ Lubricants & Greases. » More
Frequently Asked Questions

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