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Improve performance with specialized lubricants

From automotive and marine to lawn and garden and sporting goods, we offer a complete line of high-performance, technologically driven lubricant and grease products to meet your every need. Most of these products are formulated with DuPont™ Teflon® fluoropolymer to deliver a longer lubricant life, expanded temperature range and better resistance to chemicals.

Automotive, Motorcycle,
ATV & Marine

Motors, gears, bearings and hinges can take a beating with every use. We offer several products that can help you keep them in proper working condition. » More
Lawn & Garden
A beautiful lawn and garden starts with making sure your tools and equipment work when you need them to. Here you’ll find a variety of products that can help. » More
Tools & Hardware
Clean and lubricate your tools and hardware regularly to ensure they will work when you need them most. The products you need can be found right here. » More
Sporting Goods
If you’re an athlete or a sportsman, smooth-running equipment is essential to making the most of your activity. Maintain all of your sporting goods with our line of quality products. » More
Dirt, grime, sand and other contaminants can prevent industrial equipment from functioning properly. Maintain all of your machinery with DuPont™ Lubricants & Greases. » More
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