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Make sure your tools work as hard as you do

You take pride in your lawn and garden and spend weekends making them look their absolute best. That’s why you should count on DuPont™ Lubricants & Greases to help keep your tools and equipment running at their best.


Our family of high-performance lubricants can help you keep your yard and garden tools working. » More
In the summer, you need protection from grassy buildup. In the winter, you need protection from snow and ice accumulation. » More
Rusty tools are a common sight in every garage. Find out how to help loosen and prevent rust. » More
We offer an array of high-quality greases that offer wear protection, broad operating temperature ranges and long-lasting protection.  » More
Degrease & Clean
Count on DuPont™ Lubricants & Greases products to help you keep all of your tools and equipment clean and free of grease. » More
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