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Keep your tools in tip-top shape

A job well done starts with good tools. When you need to cut a piece of wood, loosen a bolt or repair a leaky faucet, you need your tools to work. By using high-quality DuPont™ Lubricants and Greases you’ll ensure they’re always in good working condition.


Our family of high-performance lubricants can help you keep all your tools and hardware working as good as new. » More
In the summer, you need protection from dirt build up. In the winter, you need protection from snow and ice accumulation. » More
This high-performance penetrating formula is engineered to quickly loosen rusted bolts and parts as well as deliver lubrication and rust protection for tools and household hardware like hinges and latches. » More
We offer an array of high-quality greases that offer broad operating temperature ranges and long-lasting performance. » More
Frequently Asked Questions

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