DuPont™ Corian®

Dupont™ Corian®

A Dramatic Interior Design Breakthrough.

Decades from now, what will interior wall surfaces look like? Why wait to see? Expand your design palette with the amazing new series of elegant, decorative interior wall claddings made from
DuPont™ Corian®.

These dramatic wall-mounted textures and aesthetically satisfying three-dimensional design patterns are based on the visually complex genius of some of history’s most famous mathematical concepts – all thanks to an award-winning collaboration between DuPont’s Corrado Tibaldi, and external consultants Alessio Erioli and Andrea Graziano.


A bas-relief flower pattern formed by two overlaid spiral whorls, their arcs curving in opposite directions. More

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The optical wave effect derives from variable stripe shapes affected by sinusoidal curves. More

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An extruded mosaic tiling effect (tessellation) based on the subdivision points of a spiral. More

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Attractively patterned pocket shapes achieve depth and shape through use of Gaussian curves. More

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Random height bands or ribbons spanned at random distances create pleasing surface variations. More

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These seemingly random embossed squares actually conform to the famous golden ratio. More

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