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Asian Paints

Recently launched in the downtown area of New Delhi, Asian Paints Colour Idea Store creates inspirations for modern families. The Store, designed by the leading design firm Fitch Singapore, is conceptually quite refreshing and stands out in the Connaught Place.

Designers selected DuPont™ Corian® solid surface for the store entrance wall in order to fulfill the project’s expectation of being innovative, stylish, colourful, unique, all of which shall build strong visual impacts. The high plasticity of DuPont™ Corian® is fully applied and expressed through this project. The design creates dynamic colour and shadow at the entrance, which comes straight to the colour theme of the Store and leads visitors into the space.

Corian® solid surface, through being sculpted and moulded in different depths, results in various translucency. Combining LED backlight, the ever-changing brightness and contrast helps establish a more colourful, attractive three-dimensional visual space.

The joint-less curved entrance doorcase is made of Corian® solid surface as well. The streamline, the smooth corner and the translucent wall make the wholeness of an entrance door, which is both stylish and endearing. Removable panels provide practical convenience for maintenance and repair of lighting system.

Through the design of the door, Corian® solid surface fully expresses itself through translucent feature, which best interprets the theme of Living Colours by activating different combinations of colour/light. As highlight of the store design, the door opens a world of colours and leads visitors to a pleasurable journey.

With Corian® solid surface an inspirational design is born, and the exquisite and stylish image of Asian Paints is thus build. This is a great piece among colour design projects.