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Energy Zero Building

Mayor of Seoul proposed this plan, when he signed the memorandum of the academic collaborative project - Energy Saving and High Efficiency. As the renewable energy center, the zero energy building houses exhibitions and offers a wide range of information related to the field of renewable energy.

Headed by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE, an interdisciplinary team composed of German and Korean members designed the building and accompanied the construction. The biggest challenge faced by the team of scientists, engineers and architects was to create a harmonious concept, which combines energy savings and efficiency with architecture and functionality.                

 After deep research and full consideration, the energy-saving Corian® solid surface is selected by scientists, designers and architects. Corian® is a globally renown eco-brand and certificated by international authorities. Its stability and superior performances have been greatly appreciated by architects. Its anti-UV, fireproofing, anti-corrosion features and thermal forming technique have proved to be the top choice for building envelope.       

Zero hazardous volatile substances from Corian® solid surface guarantees good air quality. Its weather resistant, heat retaining and air permeable features contribute quite a lot for reducing energy consumption. Besides, the stain resisting feature makes Corian® solid surface more durable. Easy-to-fix and easy-to-renovate minimize the waste during the process of replacing. Dismountable, cuttable and recyclable are some other important features of the material, which meet perfectly the request of Zero Energy Building. 

The architectural concept used is based on a square ground plan. The three-story building structure extends upwards and outwards conically at a 45-degree rotation and is topped off by a square roof. Wedge-shaped roof projections are mounted along the façades at an upward tilt – giving the effect of wings. The geometrical building envelope impress viewers with great power and tension. Corian® Glacier White performs perfectly with its plasticity for the 2,800 squared-meter building envelpe, and makes simplicity and purity symbols of the building.   

The entire concept covering the energy and the technical aspects is about to reduce the energy demand to a minimum, and the building envelope was designed according to passive energy measures. The employment of Corian® is a good example. By taking full advantage of clean energy, efficient lighting system, intelligent ventilation system, Energy Dream Center fulfills the passive house standards, Korean standards: Korean Green Building Certification KGBC and the Building Energy Efficiency Label. This is an amazing achievement that the Zero Energy Building consumes 70 percent less than the standard South Korean buildings.

What resulted is a flagship project, which demonstrates applications of the latest technologies and the successful use of renewable energies. This encouraging architecture is a milestone for the Korean green building industry.