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Hong Kong Lee Garden Shopping Mall

      The development of shopping center has shifted from the blind use of lavish decoration to design emphasizing character and aesthetics. The collaboration between modern shopping center and art pieces not only changes the typical shopping habit but also brings pleasant experience to the body and mind of the shoppers. 

      As a magnet for exciting fashion, lifestyle products, hospitality and dinning, Lee Garden Two is a low key quiet shopping area beyond the maddening crowd in Hong Kong Causeway Bay. The shopping environment is carefully crafted with designer art pieces to embrace a modern and noble atmosphere.  Through the use of DuPont™ Corian® Glacier White, the exquisite ideas of designers are made possible in Lee Garden Two.  A spaceship cockpit like VIP reception in the main area gives a lively visual impact to shopper combining pure white color of Corian® with innovative use of light and organic flow line.  The seamless characteristic of Corian® allows designer’s ubiquitous design concept to jump from sketch into reality.


      The blooming pedal wash basin in the washroom is truly a master piece that turns a contained space into a vivid and lively environment.  DuPont™ Corian® gives the complex multi-level shaped basin a smooth and seamless aesthetics, yet preserving the sanitation and easy to clean performance that are essential to the space.  With all the spaces carefully decorated with Corian® solid surface, the shopping center is no longer just a place to shop but also a pleasant and wonderful area to stay.