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The Hongkong Jockey Club at Happy Valley

With glorious history of more than a century and renowned reputation in horse racing sport, the Hongkong Jockey Club at Happy Valley is located in one of the oldest and best-known modern architectures. During its renovation in 2012, designer selected plenty of DuPont™ Corian® solid surface and created splendid new images for the Club.             

Corian® Venaro White is applied in various interior spaces, by which the reception, lobby, aisles, hallway walls and ceilings are all covered. The elegant and amazing white tone brings brightness into dark interior spaces. The spatial atmosphere of the Hongkong Jockey Club becomes noble and unique against the color, the form and the quality of Corian®. The high plasticity of Corian® solid surface forms joint-less wall of various shapes, radians, angles, lines, surfaces and heteromorphosis, which composes free flowing rhythm of dynamics.               

Corian® Glacier White is applied in washbasin and other sanitary appliances. Bright tone, smooth feel and style of simplicity gives impressions of cleanness and comfort. The joint-less design of sanitary appliances not only provides visual aesthetics, but practical function for easy cleaning.

Better functions, crafts and shapes are perfectly fulfilled by the easy-to-clean/fix, antimicrobial, dirt-resisting features and durability of Corian® solid surface. The visual and practical experiences of the Hongkong Hockey Club are renewed and receive applause from many visitors. In addition to historical and cultural traditions of the Club, the design application of Corian® solid surface enhances the senses of trend and modernity.