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Korean Lotte FITIN

At the very beginning, designers attempted to apply high-density wooden wall. After evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of these materials and being convinced by our sales representatives, they finally chose DupontCorian® solid surface.

Wooden wall is only white on the front side, but black on the other sides. Thus, the joint between the wood will not appear white. But DupontCorian® Colors appear very smooth even after being fit together. The perfect plasticity of Corian® is something that wooden wall can not provide.

By selecting materials for exterior walls, the first options for designers were products by our competitors. But what drove them into choosing Corian® is the technique of their installing. Our competitors provide products with “open joint” installing method. Once it rains, water goes through the cracks and causes rustiness of the metal structure. Beside, while fitting materials together, it’s very hard to control the thickness. Moreover, the weight of materials are also one concern. However, the seamless joint of Dupont™ Corian® solid surface will avoid the trouble of rainy days and high weight problems.

Project Title: Lotte FITIN

Sales Supervisor, Courntry: Jang Hee Cho, Korea

Start and completion: Feb, 2012 – May, 2013

Category: Real estate (Shopping Mall)

DuPont color: Architech White

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