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Indian Sterling Resorts

      Sterling Resorts is a luxurious marriage palace located in the porsche area of Ludhiana, Punjab, India. One of the signature space of the Sterling Resorts is the pyramid entrance of the banquet hall.  With creating an intimate atmosphere in mind, Ar. Ranjodh Singh and Ar. Prithi Pal Singh from Habitat Architect has chosen DuPont™ Corian® Venaro White as the retrofit material of the pyramid main entrance.  


      Originally built with glass, the pyramid was a magnificent piece that is elegant but lack of warmth.  Singh wish to create a new impact space that is naturally inviting in the day time but glitter during the night time.  With the special stone veining pattern and translucent ability only in Corian®, the pyramid is retrofitted such that it has a natural and smooth aesthetics in the light but translucent to reflect the detail fine lines of the silhouette at night.   Corian® brings together outstanding exterior cladding performance (UV resistance, weatherability, easy to clean) with warm and romantic atmosphere.  The clashing of the day time and night time effect becomes a new welcoming space that is favored by couples.