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Lena Gong ”Tea Zen” Tea Furniture Collection

“Committed to explore the “Scenery” and devoted to create “Atmosphere” at home” – This is Lena GONG’s, the brand founder of “GONG-XI”, design concept.  In GONG’s latest tea furniture collection “Tea Zen”, she chose to feature Corian® - an innovative solid surface material from DuPont™ as her main design material.  The combination not only breakthrough Corian®’s typical application but also integrate the idea of Chinese furniture culture and modern tea concept.


“Tea Zen” collection of tea furniture features the traditional Chinese belief of universe; creating a “place” with Chinese culture using light as sky and table as ground. “Tea Zen” combines the 5 senses of tea drinker (5 senses includes view, touch, hear, smell and taste) to create a relaxed communication pathway between tea and heart.  GONG’s design employs DuPont™ Corian® Glacier White and a very rare oak species Quecus Mongolica as base material.  The translucent characteristic of Corian® perfectly expressed the visual impact of Chinese landscape painting; the smooth texture of Corian® Glacier White table top translates into a landscape painting with the tea poured on the table during rinsing - this creates a coherence between the table ground and the light sky.  With the exceptional performance of Corian®, tea stains can be easily cleaned off the surface without a trace.  A modern Chinese tea room is made possible using DuPont™ Corian®; leaving the body and mind of tea lovers with a “Zen” aftertaste.

 Project fabricated by : Zhongdi Architecture Solutions Co.,LTD