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Nuru Karim [ LIVE ] + Luis Fraguada [LaN] : MACHINING SOUND

LIVE co-director Nuru Karim [India] produced a set of pieces in collaboration with LaN co-director Luis Fraguada [Spain] for an exhibition called ‘Relative Visa’ held in a gallery Bodhi Space in Mumbai.  The main idea was to develop a physical resonance in response to the brief of the exhibition.  A script was written which takes an input surface and through a sin function, modulates surface coordinates in the positive and negative z axis.  Each side of the surface was given a distinct frequency.  When brought together, a new interference pattern emerges.  These were milled in DuPont™ Corian®.  A Fluid ‘Installation’ Skin 12mm thk was developed in collaboration with DuPont™ Corian® India. The project operates at two distinct spatial scales ; one machined numerically and the other thermoformed.

Description of the exhibition:

Architecture is frozen music. Art is flowing music. When the two meet they create an exciting resonance. RELATIVE VisA, a new show at Bodhi Space and Bodhi (Kala ghoda). The show [curated by Bose Krishnamachari] brings together an exciting mix of artists, designers and architects. They come together to explore the exciting intersection of art, architecture and design. Devoting their intellectual efforts to such an ambitious undertaking might look both delusional and indulgent but this show aspires to achieve the impossible: blur the boundaries between each form.

To download the case, please click here