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Kitakawabe West Primary School in Saitama, Japan

A new school is built in Kitakawabe, Japan with the concept of creating a space for communication where pupils gather to wash hands, clothes and painting tools. The thermoformability, durability, and monolithic features of DuPont™ Corian® becomes the ideal material to fulfill the special requirements of this design. The sinks on the 3/F adopts the Omnibus image, projecting a beautifully curved forum. The sink on the 2/F is in R-shape, which are easily be realized by the thermoformable Corian®. As for the sinks placed at the corridor, the water taps are in a curved line instead of a straight line, so that people can gather naturally. In selecting building materials for schools, it is crucial to select those that require little care and maintenance, and are easy to clean. Thanks to the special quality of Corian®  that can be formed into virtually any shape, the design does not need to be altered to solve the fabrication problem. All these contribute to a beautifully conceived space for the pupils.

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