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Big Cinemas Feature Wall in New Delhi, India

Big Cinemas wanted to design a unique display item for the main lobby space in a modern contemporary entertainment environment. Creating a wide, patterned seamless surface, displayed as a permanent eye piece onto a wall in a high traffic zone, selecting a surface material with translucent qualities ideal for backlighting.

DuPont™ Corian®  turned out to be the obvious choice that could be customized to fit wide dimensions, and other unique design requirements. It is beautiful, durable, translucent, low maintenance and light weight that could be hung readily to the wall using standard fixtures. Versatile Corian®  was engraved in 4 parts on a regular 8' X 4' CNC Bed. Panels were later seamlessly joined and finished into a beautiful, perfectly aligned elegant display. The translucency of DuPont™Corian®  was ideal for backlighting display in a high-traffic area diffusing the light to achieve the desired effect. DuPont™ Corian® is an extremely versatile, flexible surface that can be easily thermoformed, backlit or seamed to meet the requirements of intricate custom designs. 

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