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DuPont™ Corian® Bas-relief Surfaces


Introducing Corian® Bas-Relief Signature Surfaces, a new generation of Corian® that's ideal for vertical applications. It's a new medium creating limitless possibilities.

Corian® Bas-Relief Surfaces provides you with a surface that can be either patterned or textured… one that will allow you to enhance visual and tactile interest in your design. Color and light will play in a uniquely new dimension.
Corian® Bas–Relief Surfaces is new, proprietary technology which transforms Corian® using a unique combination of heat, pressure and molds.

The applications are boundless…. Wall cladding, column wraps, reception counter fronts, dividing walls, as well as retail fixtures, facades, entryways, bathrooms and kitchens, to name a few.

Corian® Bas–Relief Surfaces can also be used for translucent applications.