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Colors of Corian® - Korea

Welcome to our Korea Corian® color range!
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Abalone Antarctica Aqualite  Arctic Ice Arrowroot  Aurora
Abalone Antarctica Aqualite Arctic Ice Arrowroot Aurora
Aztec Gold Azure Azurite  Basil  Bisque Black Quartz
Aztec Gold Azure Azurite Basil Bisque Black Quartz
Bone Bronzite  Cameo White  Canvas  
 Clam Shell
Bone Bronzite Cameo White Canvas Cirrus White Clam Shell
Cocoa Brown Dove 
 Earth Ebony  Ecru
Cocoa Brown Dove Dusk Earth Ebony Ecru
Everest Fawn  Fossil Glacier Ice  
Glacier White
Everest Fawn Fossil Glacier Ice Glacier White Gravel
Graylite  Hot Ice White Lava Rock Lime Ice Linen
Graylite Hot Ice White Lava Rock Lime Ice Linen
Mandarin Medea  Midnight Milky White  NaturalGray  Night Sky
Mandarin Medea Midnight Milky White Nature Gray Night Sky
Nocturne Olivite  Oyster Pearl  Pearl Gray Pepper Ivory
Nocturne Olivite Oyster Pearl Pearl Gray Pepper Ivory
Platinum Rain Cloud Rice Paper Sage Brush Sahara Sandstone
Platinum Rain Cloud Rice Paper Sage Brush Sahara Sandstone
Savannah Serene Sage Silver Birch Silverite  Sonora Sorrel 
Savannah Serene Sage Silver Birch Silverite Sonora Sorrel
Sparkling White  Sun Torrente Beige  Tumbled Glass Tumbleweed Vanilla 
Sparkling White Sun Torrente Beige Tumbled Glass Tumbleweed Vanilla
Venaro Bisque Venaro White Whisper White Day 
White Jasmine 
Venaro Bisque Venaro White Whisper White Day White Jasmine Whitecap
Winter Wheat Witch Hazet         
Winter Wheat Witch Hazel    

 *Dark, heavily pigmented Colours of Corian®, will show scratches, dust and ordinary wear and tear more readily than lighter, textured colours. We recommend that these colours not be used in applications where the surface is exposed to heavy use and contact (i.e. worktops). These colours are most suitable for applications where surface contact is light and for use as inlays and accent colours. For more information on selecting the ideal Colour of Corian® for your application, please consult with your DuPont™Corian® representative.